The Land Trophy celebrates its 28th anniversary this year at (or with) the 53rd EDHEC Sailing Cup. This multisport raid made up of around ten disciplines will bring for the first time, The 950 participants in hinterland of Arzon. Students will travel across some of the most impressive landscapes of Morbihan, while competing in activities such as mountain biking, Run and Bike, Orienteering or Kayaking.

All contestants, from beginners to experts, will find activities that suit themselves ! On the Expert Course, our most motivated (courageous ?) participants will go thrill seeking and on the Beginners Course, participants will enjoy an easier and accessible to all Raid. Throughout the all week, they will test their strength, their mental and their team spirit.

This year, in order to promote the values of sport and women’s participation, contestants will be awarded in three categories : Women, Men and mixed.

For its 28th edition, the Land Trophy is renewing itself. In order to reach the goal it has set itself, the organizing team has created a whole new challenge: Triathlon. Divided into three endurance races, swimming, biking and running, this new activity promises to be rich in intensity and emotions.

Are you ready to take on this challenge ?




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