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In 1968, 3 Edhec’s students established the Course Croisière EDHEC. Jean-Luc Picot, Francis Prat et Pierre Jouanet aspired to make the sport they are passionate about more popular. The goal is quickly achieved: the Course Croisiere Edhec leaves its mark in the nautic world. Since 1970, it has been known as an European sport event welcoming all European great schools. Some competitors collected tens of thousands of euros to rent their boat or to be skipped by a professional.

Among those famous sailors that competed during the EDHEC Sailing Cup, can be found Eric Tabarly, Alain Colas, Franck Cammas, Olivier de Kersauson, Vincent Riou, Jean Le Cam, Marc Thiercelin, Yves Parlier, Marc Pajot, Yann Eliès, Yvan Bourgnon, Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, ou encore Jimmy Pahun.



For its 10th anniversary in 1979, crews of the Course Croisière EDHEC stopped for the first time in a foreign country in Guernsey in England. During the following year competitors of the Sea Trophy sailed in a new path ie the  Cherbourg – Cowes – Cherbourg . They competed against each other while sailing across the English Channel. In 1975In 1975 the Organization changed its name EDHEC Sailing Cup to EDHEC Sailing Cup 2 years later the French Federation of Sailing started to supervise the race, which helped gathering all competitors around the event. The record of participation in the Sea Trophy was reached in 1987 with 347 boats in competition.

Association creation
First edition at Dunkirk
name change for the edhec sailing cup
Affiliation to the French Sailing Federation - FFV
Creation of the Trophée Terre
Europe's premier student sporting event
Creation of the Trophée Sable
Creation of the trophée air
Elected best student association by ANEO
50th edition in Brest
Editions canceled due to the health crisis
Virtual Edhec Sailing Cup
Revival of the Edhec Sailing Cup
Creation of the défis by CCE


Over years members of the Course Croisière EDHEC aspired to welcome a diversity of sports. Since 1994, the CCE has offered a new Trophy, the Land Trophy. It is a multisport raid in the home port composed of mountain biking, canoeing, orienteering, zip-line, abseiling and when the weather is friendly climbing. In 2007 a new Trophy, the Sand Trophy was created competitions of Beach Volley, Beach rugby and Beach Soccer took place. An obstacle course, the MudContest, was organized between competitors of the Land and Sand Trophy. In 2012 at La Rochelle an archery event was staged at the Château de la Roche Courbon. A new Trophy was created to promote dinghy sailing, which is the Kite TrophyIts name then changed to Air Trophy for the 44th edition. It was composed of 2 main activities: Kitesurf Contest et le Windsurf Contest. The KiteSurf contest was held on the first weekend of the event and gathered 50 competitors divided into 3 to 5 members teams. The WindSurf Contest was a long-distance competition that took place in 2014 on a water basin. They competed against each other in freestyle race and wave contests. About sixty participants compete on RS:One board models. The Air Trophy ended in 2016 due to logistical reasons and unpredictable weather conditions.



For each new edition the event, Course Croisière EDHEC is sponsored by someone new, who has generally a sailing background. It allows us to introduce great names of sailing to many students, to democratize sailingSponsorship by sports personalities or politicians make it possible for the Organization to share its core values meaning boldness, ambition, commitment, self-improvement, and finally a taste for wildenesswilderness.

I am happy to welcome this new edition of the EDHEC Cruise Race, which reflects the spirit of enterprise and the determination of a homogeneous team and gives a growing number the opportunity to taste the games of the open sea.

In addition to the sponsors of each edition, numerous conferences take place in the Village Jour. In 2002, in Les Sables d'Olonne, an Club Inter Pressewas set up. It was responsible for media coverage of the international crews. In 2005, once again in Les Sables d'Olonne, the Course Croisière EDHEC welcomed politicians Nicolas Sarkozy and François Bayrou for a debate on the European constitution with students. In 2018, the Course Croisière EDHEC committed itself to social projects by inviting Ségolène Royal, then Ambassador in charge of international negotiations for the Arctic and Antarctic poles.