Located at the tip of Brittany, Brest is a city with many faces. Maritime without a doubt, urban on a human scale, cultural and dynamic... The city of Brest has a lot to offer, both in terms of spirit and activities.

In Brest, you immediately have the impression of being in the heart of the harbour. Apart from Sydney, this type of maritime configuration is unique in the world ! In addition to the military port, the city has two marinas, one of which is in the city centre, to accommodate the boats of pleasure boaters. Tinkling masts, singing seagulls, iodized air... 

A stroll along the lively Commandant-Malbert or Eric Tabarly quays in the Marina du Château will give you one of the best views of the city and its atmosphere around the sailboats, bars, restaurants and its incredible panorama on the harbour. A short distance away is the Marina du Moulin Blanc. Here the atmosphere is sporty around the beach of the same name and the many water sports activities that are practiced there. The Polder du Moulin Blanc is a new place to go for a walk with a breathtaking view over the harbour of Brest. This is also where you will find Océanopolis, the ocean discovery park.

In perpetual motion, the metropolis releases an undeniable charm and reserves beautiful discoveries on the city side. It is crossed by the pedestrian streets Jean Jaurès and Siam with their art deco architecture, where big names alternate with independent shops, concept stores, galleries/art centres... La PAM, a former printing and paper mill rehabilitated into a collective third place, has become the new favourite place for Brest residents. In a spirit of sustainable development, several activities are intertwined Restaurants, shops, artists' studios, etc. The bottom of the rue de Siam is ideal for a break on a terrace. From there you can see the Recouvrance bridge which crosses the Penfeld river, the Brest castle and the national navy museum.

It is also the departure point for the cable car that takes you to the Recouvrance district and the Capucins workshops. The Capucins, which have become a place of culture and life in Brest, reflect the urban dynamism of the city. The huge buildings that once housed the Arsenal's mechanical workshops have been transformed into the largest covered public space in Europe. Brest also knows how to wear an evening dress. It is bubbling with creativity, desire and atmosphere and this can be felt in many districts such as Bas de Siam, Saint-Martin, Port de Co, the Château marina or Moulin Blanc...






By plane

Brest - Bretagne airport, the largest airport in the region, is located 9 km from the city centre. It offers many direct flights to Europe and France (Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Montpellier, Marseille, Nice and Corsica).

The city centre is accessible from the airport via a shuttle + tram service, taxis and car rental.

By train

Brest station is located in the heart of the city, 500 m from the Place de la Liberté, and links Brest to Paris in 3 hours and 25 minutes with 10 connections per day.

By car

Brest is served by two main motorway routes:

  • the N12 which links Brest to Rennes (245 km) and beyond to Paris (596 km) along the northern coast of Brittany
  • the N165 from Nantes to Brest (296 km) which constitutes the southern road axis of Brittany

These two express lanes are toll-free for their entire length.